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What has been your previous experience of personal training or group exercise? Shouting and humiliation? Drowning in sweat and vomit? Waking up the follow day feeling like you’ve been flogged with a baseball bat?


Well there’s a whole different approach going on at The Clock Tower. Our friendly bunch of trainers will build you up – not break you down, helping you shine in a fun, non-judgemental atmosphere. Check out what we have got to offer. Be careful though – you might actually enjoy going to the gym!

Reach Your Goals in a Fun and Inclusive Environment

Personal Training

This is a more individualised approach to training which will help you reach your goals in the fastest possible time.

We’ll start off by carrying out a full assessment in order to gather the information we need to help you shine.

Whether your goal is to lose fat, increase energy, become pain free or improve sports performance, personal training is a great option for maximum results.

A small-group setting is proving to be the most popular way of delivering Personal Training, with good reason.

The small group approach offers you the same individualised workouts tailored to your goals and needs, but for a fraction of the cost and more scheduling flexibility.

The training sessions take place in a small group with (up to) 3 other participants. This smaller size allows for the same personalised coaching you’d get with traditional one-on-one training, along with the chance to meet new friends. And since it’s a smaller investment, you can work out more often and get faster results.

Studies have shown that the camaraderie and support of small groups has led people to get even greater results than one on one training.

One on one training is still available for those who are not confident of starting in a group setting or if you have an erratic schedule.

Group Training

The driving force behind our group coaching is the sense of community.

There are no egos here – just a fun and positive atmosphere.

Your current level of fitness doesn’t have to be a barrier. Our coaches meet you where you are – even if you are an absolute beginner or new to the gym environment.

We will take you on a high energy journey using a variety of equipment, with a strong focus on good technique. The aim of our coaches is to help you flourish, not simply flog you for the sake of it.